New Features 2/2

For server owners/admins wanting to take screenshots or videos of player bases before A17 lands, the bot has some commands for you and your players.For Admins:/check basesLoad base coordinates into the tracker so you can tp directly to each base in sequence. Used for visiting every single base ingame./nbVisit the next base in the ... Read More »

4th Sep 2018
New Features 1/2

I just added a new property to locations - lobby.In the next update you can set ANY location as the lobby, it doesn't have to be called lobby or spawn. If you have a location called lobby it trumps everything. If you have a location called spawn it is the lobby unless lobby exists or you flag a location as lobby. Only one location flagged as lobby ... Read More »

4th Sep 2018

I have updated We have had a number of servers having random crash issues and we've found in several cases that disabling djkrose's scripting mod's auto repair feature fixed them. While I like his work I have decided to remove it from my zip file. If your server is crashing a lot and you are using that feature. Try disabling it ... Read More »

4th Sep 2018
Updated Help Guide

27th Aug 2018
API Released - Testing Branch

Stable will be released soon and your bots will auto-update to it if you wish to wait.  However if you dont then you can follow the steps below, but be sure to switch back to stable later on once api fully releases to stable branch.   HUZZAH! It is finally here! I have updated the Github repo and released the bot to the testing branch (for ... Read More »

25th Aug 2018

Hi guys!I have been slaving away on the bot's code so that it will use Alloc's web API and also I've done a lot to make it play nicer with telnet, slowing and/or reducing traffic and even eliminating some commands entirely. I have also reworked several bits such as how it keeps track of when it is online/offline, various time keeping tasks and ... Read More »

20th Aug 2018
Trader Safe Marking

Marking area as trader safe makes the areas indestructable, great for lobby and areas you dont want players destroying.   How to do it?   You've created a location of your choice say lobby or whichever.   Now  1. /mark lobby start  <- do this on one corner of the lobby 2. /mark lobby end <-- do this aposite corner of lobby ... Read More »

5th Aug 2018
New Command & Update

Added command cooldown that applies to players only. Set it with /set command cooldown 10 (for a 10 second wait before the bot will accept another command per player).Altered how the bot detects when it goes offline. The bot no longer needs to slowly spam the gt command to test that it is still online.The bot spams commands much less and much ... Read More »

30th Jul 2018
New Commands

You can now generate/save prefabs with your items in the storage boxes and spawn them back in the world. Github updated. Added support for some of djkrose's scripting mod. Here is the changelog.. Moved the /mark command to misc commands as it is now used by the bot for djkrose's mod support and coppi's mod support. New command /regen {optional ... Read More »

15th Jul 2018
Bot - Updates/Addition

Github updated, also all code branches. Here's the changelog.. Fixed a potential issue with the bot temporarily forgetting who the admins are :O Fortunately it is a rare bug. Also another attempt at fixing the bot restart bug which has refused to die >.< Pretty sure I've finally got it this time.. maybe possibly. Added a new command /poop ... Read More »

15th Jul 2018

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