performance boost

Another performance boost I'm going to trial is adaptive scanning of player position and player inventory. If a player is not close to anything that the bot needs to care about, it could scan their position more slowly. The same could be done for inventory scans in some cases (ie don't really need to scan admin inventory as often as players if at ... Read More »

6th Apr 2018
Maintenance (Complete)

All bots should be online and rocking solid. If your bot is not online please send me a msg or on discord or via email right away.

Thank you!

3rd Mar 2018
Server Maintenance - Saterday - March 3 - 2018

Server #2 known as S2, will be restarted this Saterday March 3, 2018 8AM Eastern Standard Time(Canadian Time)To know if you will be affected by the quick 1-3 minute reboot. Login to your billing account check under your profile, under company name see if your bot falls under s2 or s2.This is to improve bot performance and speed which is done ... Read More »

27th Feb 2018
Major Updates Part #2(Read More)

Detect drop mining!<DevBot> 190 blocks fell off the world in region r.-1.11.7rg ( -63 -1 6087 ) in the last minute.<DevBot> 3372 blocks fell off the world in region r.-1.11.7rg ( -26 -2 6034 ) in the last minute.More things added to the update read below.I heard you like adding restrictions to stuff.. SO HERE'S ONE MORE!In the next ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2018
Latest Updates Sneak Peak & More!

The new temporary testing branch, nukacola is now available for the brave and the foolish. Actually it seems to be running ok so far.If you are looking for finished new features, many are not there yet. This update does contain a lot of bug fixes (probably shiny new bugs too!) and most of the chat command code has been re-organised.I finally ... Read More »

12th Feb 2018
Major Bot Update + New Features

Tidying up the bot's chat command code, moving almost all bot commands to individual functions. It is a huge task that will allow for better organisation and management of commands once it is done including setting custom access levels, sorting the commands in the code itself and just making it easier for me to find the commands (see screenshot). ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2018
Web Log

Maintenance complete.

Thank you,


20th Jan 2018
Web Log

I'm doing a full maintenance on the web log for the next 24-48 hours, some of the bots might not log to the web area this only affect Server#1 lounge ip ending with .59 only.

I will notify you when it's all done.


18th Jan 2018
Paypal Payment - Issue

Paypal had a communication issue with our billing software. It was sorted, but few people affected not to worry. All payments invoices are being checked that were affect this month only. So if you payed not to worry it will be cleared out by us. If you still see it there after a week then just send an email we will confirm and clear it ... Read More »

30th Nov 2017
Bug Fixes & New IRC Commands

Bugs fixed:Custom colours for player names wasn't saving and would be lost when the bot restarted.The IRC command 'near player joe' is working again. Some recent changes to it weren't perfect which caused it to break.The ingame command /restart bot, when used with a password the password wasn't triggering the restart but it worked from IRC.An ... Read More »

26th Nov 2017

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