Update & New Chat Hooks.

New commands:/reset regions nowReboot the server and reset all reset regions immediately. (result varies subject to other settings)/enable/disable reset prefabsThe Botman mod can reset entire regions (the default) or just the prefabs they contain./redo reset zonesPut back all of the reset zones via the Botman mod if you've accidentally deleted the ... Read More »

20th Feb 2020
Released 1.8.6 Botman Mod

Released 1.8.6 Botman Modwww.botmanhosting.com/Botman_a18.zip1.8.6 Released fixes pimps issue on hanging servers on reboots you can now continue using the bot to reboot you server with no issues. Enhanced other features & minor fixes.   Upcoming: In 1.8.7 drop mining will be a thing instantly remove and notify. Read More »

12th Feb 2020
Bot Updates & Features(soon)

we've added a new system instant block removal if drop mining detected instantly removes the blocks poof no lag. LCB's updated now removes lcbs instantly and returns them to player if placed in reset zones. Update 1.8.4 will be released very soon. Ragnarok has added this new awesome feature for us thx big time! Thx stompy/rag for helping ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2020
Botman 1.7.4 Mod Released

 I released 1.7.4 Botman Mod @ https://botmanhosting.com/Botman_a18.zip

+ bm-resetprefab (now works properly you can stand over any prefab and type bm-resetprefab urnamehere <-- and it will reset the prefab.

- It will be added to the bot soon as well at the moment it's done via console.

1st Jan 2020
Upcoming Updates - MyBotPanel

- Add Item Dialog for the shop so dialog stays open when adding items to shop - image now show when you select item in add item window - improved player dashboard category viewing list - shops cant be re-added twice in player dashboard Fixed - Fixed claiming button for player dashboard Update will be released within 24hours.Thank you, Highope Read More »

17th Dec 2019
Botman 1.7.2 Released

Botman 1.7.2 Released https://botmanhosting.com/Botman_a18.zip

- fixing regions reset list to stay after being disabled.
- fixes bm-give quality works now

Thank you,


16th Dec 2019
Botman mod update 1.6.1

New mod update 1.6.1 Fixed clan color bug! 


please download and update.


Thank you,


28th Nov 2019
Botman 1.6 - Released

Please update your Botman mod to insure quality assurance!


Verion 1.6


Thank you,


15th Nov 2019
New Update - Enables Clans System

www.botmanhosting.com/Botman_a18.zip - you can start using clan system via MyBotPanel and in game commands /clan commands after it's setup via panel. Update the botman mod. Start server. Setup the clan settings via MyBotPanel /clan commands - in-game chat Toggle = makes clan private or public. Public clans anyone can join no invitation ... Read More »

7th Nov 2019
Botman Mod Update

Color issue fixed please update www.botmanhosting.com/Botman_a18.zip

Thank you!

28th Oct 2019

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