Prices will change to 10$ per bot 4$ for 2nd and greater... if you have only 1 bot u stay on same pricings 8$ if u get a second bot it's 4$ even if you are still on 8$ deal. Affect when panel releases.

- Every panel option will have a cool "i" information icon beside it. Giving you full details on what the option does!

- All the bot basics will be released hopefully by end of this month July.

- Prices will be 10$ per bot and 2nd bot or greater 4$ a piece. If you are on 8$ deal you keep that deal it does not get changed to 10$ and all your other bot prices down to 4$.

- We also have remote option for self hosters can still use our panel yep! for self hosters pricings.

The panel is under heavy and solid development.

- We are getting our own botman.dll coded as well it's almost done!

- Lots of new features coming some hype like server: msgs will be your own Botname: msgs and boss announcements and much more!

Friday, July 19, 2019

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