Changelog from the bot's github repo. Originally posted 23 Feb 2020.

Updated bot_profile.xml adding more buttons for fixing stuff and debugging.
The running Mudlet chat window no longer shows ingame chat unless you set a variable called displayChatInMudlet to true. Not always displaying chat should give a small improvement to memory use and maybe performance too.

New commands:

/reset regions now
Reboot the server and reset all reset regions immediately. (result varies subject to other settings)

/enable/disable reset prefabs
The Botman mod can reset entire regions (the default) or just the prefabs they contain.

/redo reset zones
Put back all of the reset zones via the Botman mod if you've accidentally deleted the mod's config.xml file from the server.
Note: This requires the Botman mod or all it really does is list the reset zones.

/allow/disallow family (allowed by default)
Set to disallow if you require all players use the owner steam key and want to block players with a steamid that does not match the steamOwner.


Fixed issue with access override causing donors to lose the ability to set a 2nd base. Setting an override no longer touches donor access.
The server table was missing 2 fields in some bots which caused random chaos with bot commands working for some players and not others with no real pattern. That was a fun bug.
Fixed (hopefully) an issue with capitalisation of Lobby or Spawn causing new players to not be sent there.
Fixed bug when loading the list of gimme zombies that caused some wrong indexes and wrong zombies to spawn and even the odd unkillable deer.
Fixed bug that triggers when there are no countries defined in the country blacklist. Added same fix to the country whitelist.
Fixed bug in shop caused by mixed case category names.
Fixed bug in the idle kick code. It actually works now.
Reworked a previous code fix where the telnet log has random newline characters embedded in bad places in the player joined line. That was causing incomplete data and some fun side effects. The bot can now rebuild the entire line before processing it so the Pimps can add all the random newlines they want :P
Fixed a bug with donor management.
Fixed donors not getting the correct zombie kill reward.
Fixed typo (bad variable name) in a core bot function that caused some bother.

Monday, March 23, 2020

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