+ control panel page some buttons now have a sub menu popup ie: reset bot has popup with several reset types.

+ panel code enhancements overall done.

+ Clicking on your server now has 3 icons showing your shop id, botman core(which is the bot version and you can update if you have autoupdates disabled for some reason). botman mod(version of the mod you have compared to the current version it will tell y ou to update atm im fixing a report issue with that.)

+ Server Setup now has 3 drop down options they all popup > Server Connection,  Bot Setup,  Automated Reboots,

+ Your Bank Balance now shows on everypage on player dashboard

+ New control panel icons added

+ Map clicking on it gives you map options fix perms or visit map to explore it.

+ (In Home->Economy-Settings->Shop->Players-Connected (now  you can delete player inventory only the online inventory not ingame thats coming soon)

+ (In Home->Games-Settings->Gimme->Gimme-Settings) added new option gimmeraincheck see commands list for details

+ Control panel reset button has a popup with sub buttons for options.

+ General Setup <-- combine all drop down into this page so when click on general setup 

+ Chat colours Settings menu combined both player& bot into 1 page with - +

General Settings -+

World Settings- +

Announcements - +


This is partial of the release more updates coming soon(any bugs please report them to me directly Highope) Still fixing some icons on the server info area




Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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