New Bot System

We are moving bots of our server2 system to our new server3 system only 30 of ya on the server2 system. The new system will give ya 100x more bot performance! Downtime for transmission will be 3-5 minutes when your bot is moved nothing will be lost. New email will be sent to you with new lounge login info only the rest remains the same ie: same ... Read More »

15th Jul 2020
New Bot Core Update Released

Hi guys! I am releasing the update to the a18 code branch shortly. I have just finished writing the changelog and have updated the bot's github repo Here is the changelog.. Replaced the bot profile. The main changes are some new buttons to control stuff such as hiding or displaying the telnet stream. Its needed with this bot update ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2020
Botman Mod Updated

Botman Mod Updated <Version value=""/>

- few fixes and updates nothing you will notice

- new command for botman bot to use bm-readconfig it just reads config.xml something we needed.

12th May 2020
Botman Mod

Just a quick adjustment we left bm-ZombieFreeTime by default enabled. 

Now it's set to default encase you have the enabled version to disable it.

1. Go to console by pressing f1 in game then type bm-zombiefreetime disable

1st May 2020
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