New Features & Updates Released!

COMMAND HELP UPDATED Players can now /claim vote after they have voted on the website type help vote or claim in lounge for more info.- NEW arena MODES - "help gimme" in lounge!gimmezombies or !gimmehell or !gimmeinsane or !gimmedeathPlay a special gimme game in a location called ... Read More »

27th Jun 2018
2 Minutes Maintenance

Bot performance improvement by 200% updated servers.

Requires a server reboot which will happen in 5 minutes.

Thank you,

25th Jun 2018
Fix for the false flagging of legit Teleport's.

Released a fix for the false flagging of legit teleports. While it probably isn't perfect, it should significantly reduce incidents of false reporting. I will have to wait and see what happens on live servers. I expect excessive lag could cause some false flagging still. The bot's github repo has also been updated. [Edit] A reminder for those of ... Read More »

12th Jun 2018

It has come to my attention a person or two going around servers pretending to be a friend of smegzor and my self highope and asking for server info such as passwords etc gaining trust of the server owner/admin. Please be aware do not fall for such scams anyone tries that please report to us we will investigate if fake. A global ban will be ... Read More »

11th Jun 2018

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