New Features 2/2

For server owners/admins wanting to take screenshots or videos of player bases before A17 lands, the bot has some commands for you and your players.For Admins:/check basesLoad base coordinates into the tracker so you can tp directly to each base in sequence. Used for visiting every single base ingame./nbVisit the next base in the ... Read More »

4th Sept 2018
New Features 1/2

I just added a new property to locations - lobby.In the next update you can set ANY location as the lobby, it doesn't have to be called lobby or spawn. If you have a location called lobby it trumps everything. If you have a location called spawn it is the lobby unless lobby exists or you flag a location as lobby. Only one location flagged as lobby ... Read More »

4th Sept 2018

I have updated We have had a number of servers having random crash issues and we've found in several cases that disabling djkrose's scripting mod's auto repair feature fixed them. While I like his work I have decided to remove it from my zip file. If your server is crashing a lot and you are using that feature. Try disabling it ... Read More »

4th Sept 2018

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