Bug Fixes

Hi guys!There was a bug breaking /undo of spawned prefabs.Another bug stopped you blocking setting and use of waypoints in a location.There was a cosmetic issue with what the bot says to donors if it blocks them from travelling past the edge of the map. It was reporting the max distance for non-donors but donors get an additional 5km.The /lobby ... Read More »

30th Oct 2018

Please do this in game chat 4 steps. 1. /set update branch stable 2. /update code  3. after this is done type /restart bot 4. when bot is back online /reload bot   All done!   Here is the changelog..   Bug fixes, performance tweaks, new commands, queues and timers and stuff.   New command /remove/leave expired claims. The bot can ... Read More »

16th Oct 2018

Please download www.botman.nz/Botman_Mods.zip it has the latest allocs v26. It is needed for the new api bot update releasing soon followed by a panel date tba. 1. Stop server 2. Update mods 3. Start server. Thank you!

10th Oct 2018
Updates - Bug Fixes - Testing Branch

I have updated the github repo and some of the code branches. I will update more after this. I am hoping that this bot is good enough to be the new stable bot as the current stable bot has issues that have been fixed. I want to at least backport the most important fixes if I'm not replacing branches. That will need to be done with care and some ... Read More »

8th Oct 2018

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