Time To Update! (Read Me)

New Bot update on branch a17 type /update code else it will auto update on next reboot! Also download the new bc 3.0.5 mod please ya'll. All dig commands have been fixed. Trader protect being worked on we are at 99% updated. Reminder: /fix gimme /fix shop will update as well.

28th Nov 2018
Bot Updates (Read Read)

New bot update type /update code 

If your on a17 branch if not /set update branch a17

then /update code.


The bot shop is working and items have been updated to a17 type /fix shop

donor perks work color works we are 95% done about to hit 100% and roll out some kick ass new features and PANEL! =D

28th Nov 2018
BCManager 3.0.4 New Update

Be sure to update to latest bc release thank you. https://github.com/7days2mod/BadCompanySM/releases/download/v3.0.4_exp/BCManager.zip

27th Nov 2018
New BC Update(Must Update)


Download latest bc update! we are merging coppi and all botman mods into BC

Thank you!

25th Nov 2018

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