New Panel Icons + Enhanced Look

Coming soon, our 10 yrs of experience designer is doing some great icon work for us for the panel.

More details coming soon about Phase 2.



28th Aug 2019
Panel Developement - Phase 2

Now that panel phase 1 is complete.

Big things coming your way!

  • Bot shop
  • Region reset
  • Gimme customization
  • Sub-Account system
  • Announcement management
  • Clan system
  • Entity announcer system
  • Enhanced server msgs
  • Much more!

27th Aug 2019
MyBotPanel Went Live!

Yes, it has been released and accounts emailed out to all of you or sent via discord/steam msging system.

Any questions or have not received 1 yet contact us.



24th Aug 2019
New Botman Mod + New Commands

New commands, fixes, tweaks and the beginnings of support for a new botman mod! You still need BC Mod for now so don't remove it please. commands:/remove entity {optional entity id}The bot will despawn any trader within 2 blocks of you in-game or an entity by id if given.This command makes it a little ... Read More »

11th Aug 2019

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