Bot Updates & Features(soon)

we've added a new system instant block removal if drop mining detected instantly removes the blocks poof no lag. LCB's updated now removes lcbs instantly and returns them to player if placed in reset zones. Update 1.8.4 will be released very soon. Ragnarok has added this new awesome feature for us thx big time! Thx stompy/rag for helping ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2020
Botman 1.7.4 Mod Released

 I released 1.7.4 Botman Mod @

+ bm-resetprefab (now works properly you can stand over any prefab and type bm-resetprefab urnamehere <-- and it will reset the prefab.

- It will be added to the bot soon as well at the moment it's done via console.

1st Jan 2020