Botman Mod 1.8.7 Released

New Botman Mod Update 1.8.7 - new feature drop mining accessible via console at the moment until smeg adds it to the bot. Typing bm-dropmine in console you get the full list commands and info. Tested & dropped mined 5-10k blocks with almost 1-3 sec max instant removal. Lots of bug fixes and enhances! Read More »

29th Feb 2020
Update & New Chat Hooks.

New commands:/reset regions nowReboot the server and reset all reset regions immediately. (result varies subject to other settings)/enable/disable reset prefabsThe Botman mod can reset entire regions (the default) or just the prefabs they contain./redo reset zonesPut back all of the reset zones via the Botman mod if you've accidentally deleted the ... Read More »

20th Feb 2020
Released 1.8.6 Botman Mod

Released 1.8.6 Botman Released fixes pimps issue on hanging servers on reboots you can now continue using the bot to reboot you server with no issues. Enhanced other features & minor fixes.   Upcoming: In 1.8.7 drop mining will be a thing instantly remove and notify. Read More »

12th Feb 2020