Botman Mod Updated

Botman Mod Updated <Version value=""/>

- few fixes and updates nothing you will notice

- new command for botman bot to use bm-readconfig it just reads config.xml something we needed.

12th May 2020
Botman Mod

Just a quick adjustment we left bm-ZombieFreeTime by default enabled. 

Now it's set to default encase you have the enabled version to disable it.

1. Go to console by pressing f1 in game then type bm-zombiefreetime disable

1st May 2020
**Botman Mod is ready to download!**

Whats new? #console commands# + bm-chunkreset -> you can reset chunks at any size p1 p2 or by coords + bm-ZombieFreeTime -> now you can setup when zombies spawn during what time or day or night. =) + BM-VehicleFileDelete ->delete on reboot enable/disable ###They will be on panel soon & also bot commands as well for now only ... Read More »

1st May 2020