Botman Mod 2.1.5 - Released

- marking/filling now does it in a straight line no longer 1 block from the east this is pblock fixed!.

- exporting prefabs now go to LocalPrefabs was changed in a19 now exporting prefabs they go there.

25th Jul 2020
*Botman Mod 2.1.4 Released.*

*Botman Mod 2.1.4 Released.* ```  - Fixed clans invite now works 100% all functional - bm-unlockall now unlocks all crates including the text labeled ones now. - safe zones This is the bots mark/fill/dig etc command updated. - pblock this is the bots mark/fill/dig command updated hopefully fixes few peoples previous issue with starting from ... Read More »

18th Jul 2020
New Bot System

We are moving bots of our server2 system to our new server3 system only 30 of ya on the server2 system. The new system will give ya 100x more bot performance! Downtime for transmission will be 3-5 minutes when your bot is moved nothing will be lost. New email will be sent to you with new lounge login info only the rest remains the same ie: same ... Read More »

15th Jul 2020