About Us - BotmanHosting

BotmanHosting is an established bot hosting company that has been providing service since June 2016.

We are proud to say that we always insure customer satisfactions are met. We guide you every step of the way helping you through mod installation and bot configuration process. We are not happy unless our customers are happy!. To better serve our customer's needs, BotmanHosting has opened many different type communication to make support even better(Steam Group, Email, Steam Friends, Lounge Chat). All of our hosting servers are dual quad-core Intel Xeon servers with 64GB RAM, plus we do not oversell our servers and actively monitor for any performance issues, which ensures that our customers have an solid hosting experience!

What is botman & and what hosting does it provide?
Botman a server manager for the game called 7 Days to Die. We host the bot on our servers which then connects to your server via telnet and manages it. You than get full control access via iRC Lounge/In-Game commands. Anyone can order botman service as long as you have a 7 days to die server. It does not matter where or who you are hosting the game server with; as long as you have a server than your fine. We do not provide game-servers only botman service manager.


EMAIL: [email protected]
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/K2JutEv
STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/BotmanHosting