Downloading & Installing Mods

Bot Requirements...

The bot can connect to any 7d2d game server provider. So you must have your own 7 days to die server running either rented/dedicated does not matter as long as you have a server running the game. You can than purchase our bot service that we will host which connects to your server to manage it; Providing you with full iRC Lounge/In-Game access to manage your server.

The bot does require your server to have these mods in order to fully function correctly.

These Mods will not put your server in Modded Server list category so no worries; Edited xmls however will put you into Modded Server list.

The mods needed are Coppi's & Alloc's. These mods are updated from time to time. We will inform you through steam announcements so be sure to join the group or on our announcement site; Link can be found on the main page.

Instructions & Download Link

1. Download Mods Click Here

2. Extract the Mods folder that is in the zip in the main directory of 7daystodie folder.
- If Mods folder already exists there copy the cotents from the Mods folder in the zip and drag it into the Mods directory on your server.

3. You must now restart your server once the mods will automatically load & update.

4. Repeat these steps for future mods updates or additions.