• Payments (Late)

    Late payments cannot be longer than 3 days. After 3 Days the service will be temp shut off until invoice is paid. If left unpaid for another 24 hours. The service will be considered canceled completely & bot data erased.

  • Liability

    CUSTOMER further agrees that BOTMANHOSTING shall not be liable for any loss of data done by hackers, bugs using the bot.
    CUSTOMER agrees that it shall not hold BOTMANHOSTING liable for any loss of business, lost opportunity, consequential, indirect, special or incidental damages as a result of any interruption in service.

  • Refund Part 1

    Part 1. No refunds are given if you have completed a full 30 day usage of the service. You can cancel anytime within 72hrs for a full refund, after 72hrs you are not eligible for a refund.
    Part 2. Their is no refund for any remainder left over time paid for example: paid 3 months used 2, you will not be eligible for any refund as long as business is still in service sorry.
    Part 3. If you are paying monthly on the other hand you have 48hours after you've made your payment to request for a full refund.

  • Refund Part 2

    Self-Hosting Control Panel service, there is no refund for this service as long as panel service is still functional.

  • Developement

    BOTMANHOSTING makes no representations and cannot guarantee that the botman bot be in continued developement by the developer. We will be in business as long as the bot is supported and compatible with the current game alpha release. If ever such trajedy happens you will receive a full refund for the current month you have not completed.

  • Setup+

    We require 24hr to complete the setup. If after 24hrs your service is still not completed you may request for a full refund or discount.

  • Backups

    All servers will be schedualed hourly backups for complete no downtime required!. As a precaution, our hourly database backups are also done at a secondary location to ensure complete data recovery, this will not have any downtime. We cannot gaurantee 100% recovery because things happen out of our control. This is why we do backup's often and offsite to minize that risk.