New Bot Core Update Released

Hi guys! I am releasing the update to the a18 code branch shortly. I have just finished writing the changelog and have updated the bot's github repo Here is the changelog.. Replaced the bot profile. The main changes are some new buttons to control stuff such as hiding or displaying the telnet stream. Its needed with this bot update ... Повеќе »

3rd Jun 2020
Botman Mod Updated

Botman Mod Updated <Version value=""/>

- few fixes and updates nothing you will notice

- new command for botman bot to use bm-readconfig it just reads config.xml something we needed.

12th May 2020
Botman Mod

Just a quick adjustment we left bm-ZombieFreeTime by default enabled. 

Now it's set to default encase you have the enabled version to disable it.

1. Go to console by pressing f1 in game then type bm-zombiefreetime disable

1st May 2020
**Botman Mod is ready to download!**

Whats new? #console commands# + bm-chunkreset -> you can reset chunks at any size p1 p2 or by coords + bm-ZombieFreeTime -> now you can setup when zombies spawn during what time or day or night. =) + BM-VehicleFileDelete ->delete on reboot enable/disable ###They will be on panel soon & also bot commands as well for now only ... Повеќе »

1st May 2020
**change log + update log to MyBotPanel Released partial part of phase4**

+ control panel page some buttons now have a sub menu popup ie: reset bot has popup with several reset types. + panel code enhancements overall done. + Clicking on your server now has 3 icons showing your shop id, botman core(which is the bot version and you can update if you have autoupdates disabled for some reason). botman mod(version of the ... Повеќе »

29th Apr 2020
BH Discord Giveaways!

BH Discord Giveaways!


8th Apr 2020
New Commands & Bug Fixes

Changelog from the bot's github repo. Originally posted 23 Feb 2020.Updated bot_profile.xml adding more buttons for fixing stuff and debugging.The running Mudlet chat window no longer shows ingame chat unless you set a variable called displayChatInMudlet to true. Not always displaying chat should give a small improvement to memory use and maybe ... Повеќе »

23rd Mar 2020
Botman Mod 1.8.10 - Released

Botman Mod 1.8.10 - Released 


- fixed spawning horde

- fixed list players online friends list

*Please update as soon as possible and make sure to backup your config.xml just encase it gets written over.*

20th Mar 2020
Botman Mod 1.8.7 Released

New Botman Mod Update 1.8.7 - new feature drop mining accessible via console at the moment until smeg adds it to the bot. Typing bm-dropmine in console you get the full list commands and info. Tested & dropped mined 5-10k blocks with almost 1-3 sec max instant removal. Lots of bug fixes and enhances! Повеќе »

29th Feb 2020
Update & New Chat Hooks.

New commands:/reset regions nowReboot the server and reset all reset regions immediately. (result varies subject to other settings)/enable/disable reset prefabsThe Botman mod can reset entire regions (the default) or just the prefabs they contain./redo reset zonesPut back all of the reset zones via the Botman mod if you've accidentally deleted the ... Повеќе »

20th Feb 2020

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