**Botman Mod is ready to download!**

Whats new? #console commands# + bm-chunkreset -> you can reset chunks at any size p1 p2 or by coords + bm-ZombieFreeTime -> now you can setup when zombies spawn during what time or day or night. =) + BM-VehicleFileDelete ->delete on reboot enable/disable ###They will be on panel soon & also bot commands as well for now only ... Read More »

1st May 2020
**change log + update log to MyBotPanel Released partial part of phase4**

+ control panel page some buttons now have a sub menu popup ie: reset bot has popup with several reset types. + panel code enhancements overall done. + Clicking on your server now has 3 icons showing your shop id, botman core(which is the bot version and you can update if you have autoupdates disabled for some reason). botman mod(version of the ... Read More »

29th Apr 2020
BH Discord Giveaways!

BH Discord Giveaways!


8th Apr 2020
New Commands & Bug Fixes

Changelog from the bot's github repo. Originally posted 23 Feb 2020.Updated bot_profile.xml adding more buttons for fixing stuff and debugging.The running Mudlet chat window no longer shows ingame chat unless you set a variable called displayChatInMudlet to true. Not always displaying chat should give a small improvement to memory use and maybe ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2020
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